The Power Of Asking “How”

Paul Fioravanti, MBA, MPA, CTP
2 min readMay 5, 2022


Running a business? Are you an owner? A manager? Are you a director, board member? A department manager?

How well do you run your company?

How well do you service customers?

How well do you know your employees?

How well do you know your vendors?

How good is your team?

How good is your plan?

How solid is your industry?

How is your market share?

How does your company make money?

How do you know what business you’re really in if you haven’t spoken with your customers, employees and prospects?

How do you know what your employees are thinking and feeling if you don’t meet with them regularly, listen, not just hear, and ask them for great ideas to make the company grow, make more profits, e.g.

How will you grow? Your company? Your team? Yourself?

How will you improve?

How will you evolve?

How will you increase both sales and profits?

How will you reduce costs?

How does your insurance work?

How does your company use technology? How does your company lose to technology?

How do you hire people? How will you recruit the next group of leaders to run your company?

How will you retain your best people?

How do you know when it’s time to let go?

How are you investing in your brand, your communications and marketing?

How much of what you do works? How much doesn’t?

How will you delight your customers?

How will you embrace change, introduce new thoughts, products, services?

How is your company culture going?

How are your competitors?

How are your relationships?

How is your reputation?

How hard are you working? How smart are you working?

How will you raise capital?

How will you reduce debt?

How will you be succeeded (succession plan?) as an owner or manager?

How will you exit your business?

How will you leave things?

How are you feeling about your company, right when you wake up, and right before you go to sleep?

How will you feel when the sun rises tomorrow?

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