Before You Start With Why, Start With “Duh” — Be Your Own Guru

Paul Fioravanti, MBA, MPA, CTP
4 min readMar 11, 2022


Let’s face it, business media is loaded with lots of talking heads, and barking dogs — influencers, some of mythical proportions, others of giant ego — purporting to be messiahs.

Maybe they are just simple Simons with large promo budgets.

But despite all the crafty dialogue, are they genuinely interested in helping others with a hand up or just helping themselves with a hand out?

Are they helping or just selling you snake oil? They spew a litany of memes and buzzwords, catchy phrases, and slightly reworded attributions that belong to proven business greats.

When it’s poignant, which isn’t often, it’s repackaged Jim Rohn, Vince Lombardi, Peter Drucker and Jack Welch. Usually it’s just common sense drivel.

They’ll spin you on paradigms and golden shapes, fluff that takes up powerpoints and fills a weekend at a $15,000 cult gathering.

They say many things, and often their words speak for themselves.

From selfies on Gulfstreams and licking gold bars (seriously), jumping up and down in ice water, to an endless stream of “duhs” that are more appropriate for SNL’s “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” than Forbes or Fortune.

So, be your own guru.

Bet on yourself.

Invest in yourself.

Don’t buy common sense boiler room programs.

Nobody can “reset your mindset,” regardless how much money you give them.

Only you can reset it.

Don’t buy jet fuel for someone when you can fill your own tank.

Stick with the fundamentals.

Do the work.

You’ll never be a heavyweight champion listening to lightweights.

Be your own guru.

To be the Captain of your own ship, you don’t need Captain Obvious.

You deserve better than duh, douchery and grunge evangelism.

You’re in charge.

Don’t start with Why.

Start with Duh.

Figure it out.

The answers lie within you.

And if you need real help, hire a professional business advisor or a counselor.

Just sayin’.



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