The practice of restructuring, turnaround and management advisory work is generally a reactionary science, with practitioners being called in often when it’s too late — when the company is in a state of duress or crisis.

Crisis can be avoided by setting a proper foundation for the business, and the very problems that companies sometimes experience can be avoided by bringing objective perspective — in the form of another set of eyes — counsel that provides a clear look at the business.

Fortunately, businesses are rapidly realizing the value of bringing in a skilled, experienced and trusted advisor or business coach to help navigate the complex maze of running a business.

The very problems that companies sometimes experience can be avoided by…

That’s Jim Malone standing in front of a painting of Superman.

It was a great piece of art that hung in our various Qorval offices over the years, and it hung finally in Jim’s home office, where he spent his last days.

Last days, welcoming family, friends, colleagues, taking visitors, meetings, calls.

Jim passed on April 21, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t draw from his lessons.

He laughed when I first met him and saw the painting and said, “is that you? Your hair looks lighter LOL.”

Jim’s response: “Nope. Too much pressure, too…

We can debate the politics of the situation that is Afghanistan.

We can blame administrations.

We can blame military leadership.

We can finger point between the last administration and the current one.

We can assign blame among at least two of the three branches of government.

We can certainly wonder whether our executive branch is more of a twig in the middle of winter, or if our legislative branch is a partisan switch used for punishing the other side.

We can watch them all be petty with barbs and jabs and empty, tired, sound-bitten rhetoric.


We must never denigrate…

Thinking about raising capital for your business? Thinking about exiting it?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression, Caveat Emptor. Buyer Beware.

Selling your business? Get a mindset for Caveat Venditor. Seller Beware.

Depending on whom you ask, and what you’re trying to accomplish, raising capital and/or partially or entirely exiting your business can be challenging. There are, of course many variables, not the least of which is the kind of investor being targeted to provide capital to be used for startup, expansion or growth, or often, survival. …

Clint Eastwood, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, MGM, 1966

The pandemic continues to bring us more “Unknowns” than Sad Hill.

What we thought was a waning impact of Coronavirus on businesses and life in general, has itself learned to pivot and morphed into a testament to the nature of anything virulent — adaptive, persistent, petulant.

Lots of bad and ugly, not much good.

For some organizations, the pandemic did bring some good. It was certainly a great time to be in the lexan sheet plastic business, the hand sanitizer business, or the nitrile glove business. …

“Happy Day Before Your Birthday”

Every year, I get two calls on the day before my birthday.

One is from Will, a gentleman I’ve purchased several cars and trucks from.

He works for one of the best dealers in the US.

I also get a call from another car dealer salesperson, Joe, who works for another dealer I haven’t purchased a car from in many years. Another stellar auto dealer. …

Businesses Need To Forecast More Than Cash Flow

What’s going on in your business?

How is your business’ cash flow?

Are you making money?

Are you burning through cash?

Do you have any idea what happens with each quarter? What does the next quarter — yes, 13 weeks, have in store for the business?

Cash Flow 101

On the cash flow variable side, there are three things that result from operating a business:

Building Cash, Burning Cash, Breaking Even.

Businesses and their accounting departments are seldom aware of 13-week cash flow models and the value they can bring to forecasting, managing and just getting an overall perspective on…

Paul Fioravanti, MBA, MPA, CTP

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